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Intermediate Synthetic Sleeve

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The Intermediate Synthetic Young Dog Sleeve is made with Aerotex and french linen fabric. It is padded and quilted for safety and comfort. The sleeve fits snuggly and securely on your forearm, and is made with an attached cuff.

This intermediate sleeve allows for easy transition from the puppy sleeves to standard hard bite sleeves.  There is a wooden handle in the sleeve for better grip, helping secure the sleeve to your arm.  There is approximately 1" thick padding to protect your arm from the dog.  There is no hard material in the sleeve so if your dog bites hard you will still feel pressure on your arm, but the dogs teeth won't puncture through the material.

Provides a medium bite for dogs learning to take a sleeve.

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Intermediate Synthetic Dog Sleeve

Intermediate Synthetic Bite Sleeve

 Intermediate Synthetic Bite Sleeve

Intermediate Synthetic Bite Sleeve


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