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Product Number: 350602

Practice Triple Jump

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The challenge of a regular jump times three... The triple jump is an obstacle that most people add to their course later on, but more often than not, it is an obstacle that many dogs stumble over in an agility trial! The challenge is for your dog to clear the jump by not only jumping high, but long! This is also why it is sometimes called a "Spread Jump".

This 'Practice Triple Jump' is similar to the 'Competition Triple Jump' in dimensions and function. The low price and full function makes it a great choice for backyard practice use.



  • Base feet are designed with stability in mind. Unique 3 point ground contact design gives added stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Furniture grade UV stabilized pvc pipe with 1" outer diameter makes this obstacle lightweight, and best of all - weather proof!
  • Comes with three 48" jump bars that are adjustable in height AND width for any size dog. Jump bar height and width is quick and easy to set. A full range of infinite heights from 4" to 24" is included. Click here to see how easy it is to adjust jump bar height and width.
  • Comes with visual instructions that will help you with easy assembly, a guide to help you choose the correct maximum jump height for your dogs size, and a guide to set the width between jump bars.
  • Also included is vinyl colored tape to decorate the jump bars.



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Agility Practice Broad Jump


How to Position Jump bars:

The smaller the dog, the closer the bars go and the lower they go. Visa versa for larger dogs. With the sliding center bars and the sliding jump cups, this jump makes it quick and easy to change jump bar positions.

For height adjustment: the bars rest on 3 pairs of clip-on jump cups that slide up and down on the vertical poles (for height adjustment). The range of height settings is infinite between 4" and 24". The lowest jump bar should be set to half the height of the top bar, and the middle jump bar should be set in-between the heights of the lowest and highest jump bars.

For width adjustment: the vertical bars you see inside the square side-frames slide back and forth horizontally for infinite width adjustments. The width distance between jump bars should be set to one half the height of the top jump bar.

The Triple Jump includes visual instructions that will help you:

  • Choose the correct maximum jump height for your dogs size.
  • Set the width between jump bars.
  • Assemble your jump.


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