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Activedogs Tactical Bite Suit Flexible Tactical Bite Suit Heavy Duty Tactical Bite Suit Tactical Suit Flexible Protection Tactical Suit Activedogs Tactical Bite Suit Flexible Tactical Bite Suit Heavy Duty Tactical Bite Suit Tactical Suit Flexible Protection Tactical Suit

Tactical Padded Dog Bite Suit

Part # 809020

(5 out of 5) from 1 Review
Price: $1,295.00


The purpose of the Tactical Bite Suit is to be a layer of protection worn under the decoys clothing. The suit is low profile and more form fitting & flexible than a regular bite suit, making it more suitable to be worn under clothing. This suit is for an experienced decoy handler. When working protection biting dogs the decoy will get a realistic feel for how much pressure the dog is biting with. This is a good suit when training the protection dog to advance on the criminal and not be looking for the bite training equipment. The Tactical Bite Suit is constructed of ballistic materials on the exterior with dense but thin padded interior protection. It is quilted, lined and double stitched throughout. The neck has a low profile neckline. There is wide hook & loop tape down the entire front closure. The pants stay on and in place as they are constructed in a bib style. The shoulder straps of the jacket and the waist of the bib pants are adjustable for a personal fit. This suit comes in 3 sizes and colors may vary.


This suit is for advanced decoy handlers.

NOTE: Tactical bite suits are not for inexperienced decoys. Pinching can occur, so we do not recommend this suit for handlers who are not fully trained. This tactical suit needs to be worn under the decoy's clothing which is often necessary when retraining a dog that has been trained to target sleeve bites.

**Product will come in sand or olive color depending on material availability at the time**

Lightweight and very flexible

Made of durable ballistic material

(5 out of 5) from 1 Review

Warner Robins, GA US
July 8th, 2009
Wayne Fisher
I was able to get this suit from its previous owner due to it not being exactly what he expected it to be with reguards to hard biting dogs. Decoys tend to want mobilty without understanding they are giving up on padding. I can say that I purchased this suit from him for training advanced canines, ie. hard biting, lots of grip strength knowing what I was getting myself into. I have taken on severel hard biting canines and have been impressed with the protection it provided. Even though there is an incredible amount of bite pressure felt, there is minimal swelling and bruising, less the I have experienced with some hidden sleeves reguardless of how tightly they were laced. I can say I am very impressed with this suit, but must caution it is for advanced decoys with high pain tolerence. This suit allows for the trainer and decoy to present more realistic presentation to a canine in comparison to other bite suits which still lead a canine in on equipment fixation issues and as such I find it to be a key piece of equipment for anyone working canines for protection work.


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