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Expanding Elastic Bridge Handle ID Strap Band w/ Patch

Part # 7075558

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7075558 Expanding Bridge Handle ID Strap

The Expanding Elastic Bridge Handle ID Strap is an identification band that fits on any of the bridge handles.  It has the ability to stretch giving greater mobility to the width of our handles.   A nice feature especially for those broader dogs that need the bridge handle to spread out wider on the dog.  This ID strap slips onto the bridge handle by placing it over the snaps and then sliding it up to the desired height on the bridge handle, before the bridge handle is attached to the vest/harness.  It is made of heavy weight black stretchable material and comes with any of the 1.5” x 3.5” embroidered patch choices. The embroidery is bright white letters so the message of the text is clear. Choose from thirteen embroidered patch choices.  The Expanding Bridge Handle ID Strap is Made in the USA.

* Works with any Bridge Handles
* Adjustable width.
* High Visibility White Embroidery Letters.

Bridge Handles and Vests sold separately


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