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Service Dog Reflective Bandana Dog Collar

Service Dog Reflective Bandana Dog Collar

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707569 ActiveDogs Service Dog Reflective Bandana & Dog Collar

The Service Dog Reflective Bandana Collar was designed with great function and features. Our bandana collar is light weight and highly visible with reflective text. This bandana collar solves many common problems for a service dog trying to wear a bandana for identification. If you cannot see the message on the bandana, then it does not serve the purpose of identification. Other bandanas have the collar D-ring for attaching the leash near the buckle. This makes the leash pull the D-ring to the top of the dog's neck causing the bandana to slide under the dog's neck, making the identification of the service dog unnoticeable.
We have made our Reflective Service Dog Bandana work correctly by placing the D-ring at the top center of the bandana. With metal hardware the buckle is heavier than a standard plastic buckle and the weight will cause the buckle to stay at the bottom of the dog's neck so the bandana not not roll under the neck like other bandanas.
The collar is made from a lightweight but strong military grade nylon webbing. The Service Dog text and medical insignia on the bandana are reflective vinyl for safety and visibility. The bandana clearly states "DO NOT PET" in bold red text. Having people in public wanting to pet a service dog is one of the chief distractions that many handlers face. The bold red text addresses this issue by stating "DO NOT PET" clearly and easy to read. The collar and bandana are black which is a great feature for hiding dirt and wear while making your text stand out clearly. We use a lightweight/durable nylon material for the bandana making it hard for dog hair to stick, and can be easily wiped clean with damp cloth. The Service Dog Reflective Bandana Collar comes in two sizes and is adjustable.



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