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Raised Dog Bed Double Layer Hi-loft Sherpa Pad

Part # 6020705

Price: $45.95


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Our ActiveDogs Double Layer Hi-Loft Sherpa Cushion Pad is made of high quality hospital grade sherpa. The pads are constructed with 2 layers of this thick material sewn together to give the maximum amount of cushion and durability for your dog. The Hi-Loft Sherpa Pads  do not have any loose stuffing inside so they will never rot, mold or clump up like other dog beds. These pads are great for summer or winter, they will insulate your dog from the heat of the summer and protect from the cold of the winter. They come with elastic loops on all for sides to easily attached to our Ballistic Raised Dog Bed and will not slide off. The Hi-Lof Sherpa pad is also are safe to machine wash & dry. 

The Hi-Loft Sherpa Cushion Pad is available in 3 sizes to pair with the 3 sizes of Ballistic Raised Dog Beds offered.

Pad Sizes:

Medium 23”x 36”
Large 25”x 40”
XLarge 27”x 44”


* Made in the USA

* Elastic loops for easy quick change

* High quality Hi-Loft Sherpa

* Available in 3 Sizes


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