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Search & Rescue Reflective Padded Tracking Harness

Part # 757544

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Form fitting contoured K9 harness that is set up for search & rescue tracking and trailing work.  This harness is designed to be form fitting with detail to adjustments.  Both the chest and girth are adjustable.  There are two sets of buckles at the chest/neck area and girth so once you have the harness adjusted to your dog’s size then it is very easy to take the harness on and off because the adjustments can be left in place. You won’t have to take this harness off and on by pulling it over the dogs head.  The working search & rescue dog needs to have a harness that lets the dog work in safety and comfort.  This Search & Rescue Reflective padded tracking harness is padded on the back and chest plates of the harness with breathable air mesh lining.  With the air mesh lining the dog will not get to hot.  The chest is padded which is a great safety feature when trailing through the woods as there are often low branches and sticks that can pop up and poke the dog in the chest area.  There is a D-ring set up at the back of the backplate of the harness so if you are trailing with a tracking line it is at the back of the harness making it less likely to get entangled around the dog.  There is no handle or anything attached that stands up off this harness or hangs loose that could get caught on low branches and brush.  The outer edges of the chest and back plates have a reflective edge on them. The harness comes with two Search & Rescue patches stitched on the front and back of the harness. There is a clear ID pocket for displacing the dog’s identification. Two sizes to choose from.  Made in the USA.

Girth strap extenders: M/L & XL takes 1" (x2)

2 Sizes Available:
Med/Large  -  Girth 24" - 32"
XLarge  -  Girth 31" - 44"

Size Chart
Girth 19"-25" 24"-32" 31"-44"



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