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Service Dog Handler ID Card with Digital Copy

Part # 701229-H

(5 out of 5) from 4 Reviews
4 out of 4 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.
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Our Handler Identification Card provides all the information clearly identifying yourself as the handler of a Service Dog on one easy to read, high quality, laminated ID card. When you purchase this card you will also receive a FREE entry to our online registry database which can be validated from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The Registered Service Dog ID Card is made from heavy duty 30ml plastic, the same as most state issued ID cards. A professional resin thermal encoder machine is used in printing the ID to create a professional looking, durable and long lasting card. The card is laminated on both sides for extra durability.

On the back of the IDs:

Service Dog IDs will have the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) information on the back of the ID. This information addresses your rights and protects your full access required by law to public buildings.

*Please note that this ID/Registry is not required by the ADA and is an optional item for your comfort*

Service Dogs: A person must be legally disabled and their dog must perform a task for them. The handler has public access rights with a Service Dog and they are protected under Federal ADA Law, and are allowed access to public property with their Service Dog.

To send us your photo and your information, click on the ID Information Form. Photo shots of your dog's head are best, but we will edit (as best we can) another photo. This card will be entered in the ID Registry. is not a certifying agency, nor do we accept any responsibility for information that you have us put on your ID card.

(5 out of 5) from 4 Reviews
4 out of 4 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.

Spokane Washington
September 27th, 2021
Great at public places.
I have a tag for my Service Dog and me, our pictures are on them and our information and because of this we have had absolutely no problem with going into places, there is no “Well is it a Service Animal or not”, it’s on the card.
We went on a airplane TSA and airlines just looked at the cards and nothing was said or asked about “IF SHE IS OR WAS A SERVICE ANIMAL” her Service Animal registration numbers right there right along with our names and pictures. What could be simpler NEWS FLASH “NOTHING”
Great job keep up the fantastic work, and yes I will come back and send my friends that need something from you. 50 GOLD ⭐️s

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Bigelow, Ar
January 12th, 2021
I like having the ID, because it allows people to know he belongs to me and not another family member who might be with us in the car or anywhere else!!

Yes, I would recommend this product.

August 27th, 2020
Easy to order
Pick out what you need. Be sure to fill in all the information requested and before you know it. It is at your door.
Great company and customer service. I highly recommend. My dogs and I have been a clients of theirs since the 90's.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

May 30th, 2019
What an incredible company ActiveDogs is!
It’s difficult enough in life having a disability. Having a service dog makes it easier. But, it’s just one more thing to care for in addition to yourself. ActiveDogs has made my life easier, with both quality products, incredible service, and great personnel!! I have mainly dealt with a woman named “AJ“ who is wonderful. She has gone above and beyond to help me, and for that, I appreciate both your service and the company she works for. I highly recommend anyone needing quality dog products - either with or without a service dog - call and use ActiveDogs! 10 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yes, I would recommend this product.

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