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CaliberDog K9 Tactical Harness

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We have designed the CaliberDog K9 Tactical Harness with thought for those active working canines.  This harness is made from strong military grade materials and yet light weight at the same time.  There is a lot of flexibility for the dog when this harness is being worn.  The CaliberDog K9 Tactical Harness makes the canine highly identifiable with places for 4 identification patch locations. (patches sold separately). Patches can be placed on the harness shoulder straps and or on the backplate of the harness.  This harness has a handle that can be used standing up or flattened and hooked down on the harness.  This is a nice feature to have the handle lay flat when the dog is doing search work.  There is a 2” COBRA TM metal buckle on the girth strap.  The buckle will not rub on the dog as it will be closed on the girth strap. All the straps of this harness, underbelly, shoulder and girth straps are all adjustable.  The shoulder straps have an extra one-wrap loop to keep them secure.  There are 2 cast metal V-rings on this harness.  The front V-ring works well for use with the dogs leash and the back V-ring works well for tracking/trailing.  They will not flop under the harness on the dog’s skin as they are attached on top of the harness backplate.  You won’t worry about the backplate falling off as it is attached to the harness.  The backplate gives the working canine a little padding on the dog’s backbone and Velcro space for additional patches.  The CaliberDog K9 Tactical Harness is offered in two colors, black or coyote.  Two girth sizes available: size M/L will fit 21” to 32” and size XL will fit 28” to 44” girth. Plain

2 Sizes Available:
Med/Large  -  Girth 21" - 32"
XLarge  -  Girth 28" - 44"

Size Chart
  M/L XL
Girth 21"-32" 28"-44"



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