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The Best Ever Poop Scooper Storage & Disposal Bucket

Part # 607111

Price: $64.95


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This simple but so functional bucket has been years in the making.  I have used a 5 gallon bucket with the poop scoop to carry the “crap” after picking it up.  My biggest problem with that is the scooper and pail always tip over if they are not placed up against something to brace them.  This Best Ever Poop Scooper Storage & Disposal Bucket solves that problem and address other issues like cleaning out the pail and scooper.  The bucket is designed in the shape of the poop scoop so the poop scooper stands up in the bucket without tipping over the bucket.  The bucket has a welded built on disposal bag holder and comes with a package of heavy mill bags, (refills available).  Another great feature is that the bottom of the bucket has drain holes in it so you can just set the poop scooper in the bucket and spray both of them with the garden hose to wash the scooper and bucket and they will drain clean onto the ground. The top of the bucket has a contoured shape so you get less back splash from the garden hose when spraying.  If the bucket is stored outside no problems because the rain will just wash through the bucket.  We all have probably had a messy bucket left outside and then fill up with crap and rain, OMG gross. This Best Ever Poop Scooper Storage & Disposal Bucket will never rust as it is made of diamond tread aluminum and is welded for strength and durability.  The top has two easy grab and carry cutouts for moving the bucket. The storage and disposal bucket is easy to use; place the disposable bucket liner bag into the bucket, fold the liner over the top edge of the bucket, clean up the dog poop, pull out the disposable bucket liner, throw it away, rinse the scooper and bucket, then leave them to drain and dry until next time.



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