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Spacer Mesh Built-In Poop Bag Leash

Part # 703102

Price: $18.99


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Now you can match your spacer mesh vest with a color coordinating leash. This Spacer Mesh Built-In Poop Bag leash comes in all 7 colors. The Built-In Poop Bag Leash is very convenient because it's a leash and poop bag dispenser all in one high quality product.  The best part of this poop bag leash is that a separate poop bag dispenser is not dangling and flopping around when walking your dog.  It's built right into the leash.  The leash is entirly backed in our spacer mesh giving you cushion and comfort anywhere you grab. Another nice facet of this leash is the light-weight D-ring near the grip for carrying items you may want to bring along, such as your keys, hand sanitizer, etc.  The metal swivel bolt snap is double stitched into this leash to attach to your dog’s collar or harness.  The length of this leash is 48” long.



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