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Spacer Mesh Short Pull Tab Leash

Part # 703103

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Our Spacer Mesh Pull Tab Leash is great quick grab solution. The handle opening has cushioned spacer mesh lining for a comfy grip, plastic v-ring for accessories and a heavy metal bolt snap. A pull tab is a great training aid and adaptable to multiple settings;  I leave it on the dog so I will always have a quick grab leash when working the dog. That is a convenience while working or training the dog off lead.  Because of the 10” length it is not intrusive and easily stays out of the way when not in use.  The Spacer Mesh Pull Tab Leash can remain on the dog and is short enough whereas the dog will not get caught in it.  I will have another pull tab attached to my belt loop, bait bag, or vest when training so it is there for quick access.  It is small enough to leave in your auto’s counsel.  You can hook a longer leash on the Pull tabs V-ring.  You can match your dog’s spacer mesh vest as this pull tab comes in all 7 vest colors. 


10” length

7 color choices

Metal Snap & Plastic V-ring

Cushion Spacer Mesh Lined

Handcrafted and made in the USA.


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