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Spacer Mesh Snap-On Service Dog Bridge Handle

Part # 703105

Price: $25.99


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Price: $76.99

Price: $16.99


The Spacer Mesh Snap-On Service Dog Bridge Handle is a great addition to any vest. Simply clip-on to the D-Rings of a vest to extend your your handle and avoid unnecessary bending and reaching. This flexible bridge handle is covered with coordinating Spacer Mesh material to perfectly match new spacer mesh vest & accessories. This handle comes with 2 heavy duty snaps that easily snap-on, and a soft grip feel for maximum comfort. Easy to adjust patch band reading Service Dog for quick identification. Handlers with hand mobility issues greatly benefit from the softer cushion feel of this handle. The Spacer Mesh Snap-On Service Dog Bridge Handle is designed to provide comfort, texture, and a soft feel for any handler.


Works with any ActiveDogs harness with a dual D-Ring set up

Comes with ID patch band reading "Service Dog"

Comes in most popular 12" Style

7 color choices

Heavy Duty Metal Snaps

Cushion Spacer Mesh For Soft Feel

Handcrafted and made in the USA.


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