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5pk Accessory O-Ring For Open Task Training Carabiner

Part # 708248

Price: $15.99


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Price: $21.99

Price: $14.99


These plastic rings attach to an object with their one-wrap Velcro tape.  The one-wrap Velcro is stitched securely to the ring.  These rings can be used with the Open Task Carabiner or by themselves.  The rings work well on items such as a lever door handle.  This ring will help the carabiner from slipping off the lever door handle which is an open end style door handle.  It can be used on many items as an additional aid to the Open Task Training Carabiner.  Having a set of 5 rings will be convenient as you can leave the rings attached and in place where the dog frequently opens doors or drawers.  It will make opening quicker as you don’t need to loop the Velcro around the item first, just snap the carabiner on the ring when needed. 

Open Task Training Carabiner Video


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