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Custom Name Text Vinyl Lettered Patch

Part # 707560CV

Price: $10.50

Text Line 1:

Text Line 2:

Text Line 3:

Patch Location:


With our vinyl cutting machine we can do so much and one thing is that you now have a choice of color & font style for your custom name text patch. Choose from 10 different color options to make your statement stand out on any product. We can make this patch with your dog’s name, your team’s name, or whatever else you may want to say on the dogs vest. The more letters you have on the patch the smaller the lettering will come out. The patch will be black with your choice of vinyl color and choice of font style.

Black patch:
1.5x3.5"  (2 lines text available)
2.5x4.5" (3 lines text available)
2x4" (2 lines text available)
2x6" (2 lines text available)



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