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Gentle Walk No Pull Harness - Spacer Mesh Padded & Reflective Harness

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The Air Mesh Reflective Dog Body Harness was designed for all breeds of dogs.  The Air Mesh Dog harness is a padded breathable easy to wear harness designed for comfort and security.  This Dog harness works well for many dog activities such as jogging, no-pressure dog walking, puppy training, tracking scent work, fly ball, frisbee, biking, and agility just to mention a few.  It takes very little effort to put this harness on your dog.  Simply slip the harness over your dog’s head, between the front legs and then the Dog harness buckles back to itself at the dog’s shoulders with two side release buckles.  The girth strap can be adjusted for better fit.  The dog cannot back out of the harness and it fits firmly around the dog’s chest and girth.  Because the padded Air Mesh material is wider than the reflective webbing of this harness, there is no stress on the dog and it is unobtrusive and breathable. The dog’s leash is attached to the harness by using the top metal D-ring. By attaching the leash this way there is no pressure on the dog’s neck and throat.  This also gives the dog better balance because the center of gravity is over the dogs shoulders.  The Dog harness is safe and at the same time the Air Mesh Reflective Dog Body Harness is strong because of its top layer of webbing. This harness lets the dog have easy, free movement while working and playing.

[If the Dog's Girth Size Falls in between 2 sizes we suggest the larger size]

Air Mesh Dog Harness Features:

Girth Chart
  S M L XL 2XL
Girth 18-22 22-27 24-30 27-33 31-41

Head Opening Chart
  S M L XL 2XL
Opening  15   19   23   27   29 

*If the Dog's Girth Size Falls in between 2 sizes Choose the larger size



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