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How to Raise a Working Puppy-Leerburg

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There is a difference between how we raise a working puppy vs. how pet owners raise their dogs. Working puppies are expected to look at their world through different eyes than a family pet. This DVD on puppy training shows owners how to raise a working puppy. To help you form that plan this dog training DVD deals with the following topics:

  1. Should the Working Pup be a House Dog or a Kennel Dog?

  2. It explains how to manage and neutralize a working pup to training collars.

  3. There is a detailed section on how to teach a working puppy that a vehicle is going to be a big part of its working career.

  4. A working puppy has to learn to be neutral to other dogs. It explains the protocol in how to approach this process.

  5. There is a detailed section on how to socialize, or as we say, "neutralize" our pups to strange environments.

  6. One of the differences between a pet and a working puppy is that we are not as concerned with the manners of a working puppy. With that said, there are certain manners that we do consider important and we start work on them at a very early age.

  7. It is very common for new trainers to over exercise their puppy. We cannot tell anyone exactly how much to exercise their pup, but we do talk about some of the guidelines that we take into consideration.

  8. We have a section in the DVD on medical issues and a working puppy. It's a given that a working puppy is going to be exposed to more examinations by a stranger ( a Vet) than the average dog. We believe that a little forethought at an early age goes a long way towards eliminating a dog getting stressed over this as an adult.

  9. We have a section on games and toys.


    If you are raising a working puppy you are probably going to have a dog with a degree of drive. While this video does not show how to bring out that drive (the video Building Drive and Focus does that) - we do caution people that "JUST BECAUSE YOUR PUP CAN DO SOMETHING, DOES NOT MEAN IT SHOULD DO SOMETHING" We talk about this in the DVD.



DVD: 1hour 15 minutes

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How to Raise a Working Puppy-Leerburg 


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