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Product Number: 33120-D

Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months-Leerburg

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The Topics Covered in this DVD on Puppy Training are:

  1. House Training Your Puppy and Selecting a Dog Crate.

  2. The DVD version also includes a section on puppies that eat their stools.

  3. How and Where to Socialize Your Puppy.

  4. Obedience Training Your Puppy: Training Puppy to Sit, to Down, to Come, to Go for Walks on a Leash. The DVD version includes the PLACE command.

  5. Feeding Your Puppy - We Recommend the All-Natural Diet.

  6. In-Ground Containment Systems.

  7. Controlling Your Puppy in Your House.

  8. Your Puppy's Medical Needs: Selecting a Vet for your Puppy, Puppy Vaccinations and Vaccinosis (be Aware of Over Vaccinating Your Puppy), Worming Your Puppy, Heartworms and Puppies, Fleas and Ticks on dogs, Diarrhea in Puppies, Neutering, Heat Cycles in Female dogs, When to Neuter Your Puppy (discussed in detail), Puppies' Teething Patterns.

  9. Choosing Safe Toys for Your Puppy

  10. Grooming Puppies - Trimming Nails and Cleaning Ears (an all-breed approach).

  11. Puppies and Children.

  12. Leash Training Your Puppy.

  13. Behavioral Problems - Puppies chewing, digging, jumping up on people.

  14. Dogs at the Door and Gate (only in DVD version).

  15. Excessive Dog Barking (only in DVD version).

  16. Puppies in the Car.--puppies getting car sickness.

  17. Introducing Dogs and Puppies to Cats.

  18. Controlling Puppies that Bite.

  19. Raising Two Pups at the Same Time (the correct way to do it).

  20. Where Do You Go From Here?


3 hours 18 minutes

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Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months-Leerburg 


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