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Agility Low-Gravity Medium Sand Bag Holds 20#

Part # 350755

Price: $29.95


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The Low-Gravity Medium Sand Bag is a medium sand bag holding 20#, (sand not included). It is made from outdoor marine grade UV protected fabric. We have used this fabric on our field equipment for 20+ years and it has stood the test of time.

The base of the bag is covered in PVC Resin No-Slip materials. The No-Slip material bottom will help the sand bag not shift during use. The base is approximately 8” x 10”. This is a wide low-profile base and keeps the bags weight down on the ground. With this duffle style design the bag is not tippy and stays in place.

The sand bag top opens with Velcro openings and finger tabs for easy access. The bag top handles are low profile so there will be no floppy handle straps for handler or dog to get tangled in. The handles Velcro together making carrying the bags secure. They are doubled stitched and boxtacked.

The Low-Gravity Sand Bag comes with 6 plastic bags to fill with sand. The added plastic bags are a nice feature as you can easily decrease or increase weight in the bags. The plastic bags filled with sand will help protect the longevity of the bag’s interior.

The Low-Gravity Sand Bag can be used indoors or outdoors. Made in the USA. (Sand not included)

• Low Gravity Design
• Outdoor Marine Grade Fabric
• 20# Bag Capacity
• Wide 8”x 10” No-Slip Base
• Low Profile Velcro Handles
• 6 Plastic Bags for Sand


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