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Agility Saddlebag Sand Bag w/ Weights 13#

Part # 350756

Price: $54.95


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The Agility Saddlebag Sand Bag is a little sand bag with lots of function. This bag comes with 13 lbs of weight already loaded. The weights are in baffles so they will not slide around when the bag is folded around equipment. The saddlebag sand bag can be used lying flat or folded and wrapped around posts. When open flat is it approximately 13” x 17” and folded in half it is 8” x 13”.
The back side of the sand bag has heavy 2” Velcro so the sand bag can close to itself. There is a molded rubber handle for easy transport and positioning. It is constructed from outdoor marine grade UV protected fabric. We have used this fabric on our field equipment for 20+ years and it has stood the test of time.

The Saddlebag Sand Bag can be used indoors or outdoors. Made in the USA.

• Pre-Weighted Sand Bag
• Outdoor Marine Grade Fabric
• Used Open Flat or Folded
• Wraps around Equipment Posts
• Heavy Duty 2” Velcro
• Rubber Molded Handle


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