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Rigid Clip-On Service Dog Bridge Handle w/Chrome Service Dog ID Band - 12"

Part # 704501

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The Rigid Bridge Handle is a solid steel core bridge handle with metal HK style snaps, rubber grip handle, and a chrome service dog identification band. This bridge handle has a solid steel construction so it will stay rigid when using. The chrome service dog identification band is well done. It is engraved with the text Service Dog and two insignia's. The band can be adjusted to the desired height you want it placed on the handle. It is also removable. The top of the Rigid Bridge Handle has a flat rubber grip. The snaps are high quality HK style metal snaps. This bridge handle is 12" tall.

Bridge handles are used in conjunction with our service dog vests and harnesses. The purpose of the bridge handle is to give an extended reach between the dog and the handler. This handle will attach to our Guide Dog Harness, Mobility Harness, or any other of our Service Dog Vests that have the two D-rings on them.



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