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Product Number: 707549

S&R Style Dog Vest

Price: $73.99


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Add Horizontal ID Badge

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Price: $19.99

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Add Custom Name Patch

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(4.9 / 5) 24 Reviews
9 out of 9 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.

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This S&R Style Dog Harness Vest comes in four sizes. The dog vest is made of a tough and highly visible 1000 denier nylon/urethane coated fabric that is padded and lined for your dog's comfort. There is a Hook and Loop closing, clear vinyl pocket for your ID. The reflective straps across the back and sides of the dog vest provide added visibility at night. All seams are double stitched and bound with nylon web for a beautiful, finished look.

On top of the vest, there is a heavy welded D-ring for attaching your leash/lead and allowing you to use the harness for pulling / carting work with your dog. There is also a plastic swivel snap.

The chest strap has a two-way adjustment.

The girth strap is adjustable and allows your dog the mobility that it needs to work, run, and jump.

  • Available in 13 colors
  • Vest has a vinyl pocket, will fit an ID.
  • Girth measurement:
    • Small 21"-24"
    • Medium 25”-31”
    • Large 32”-39
    • XLarge 36"-45”

The vest comes with 2 patches (regular, not specialty patches) of your choice.

Additional patches and any specialty patches can also be purchased. There is no extra charge to have them sewn on for you.

Service Dogs: A person must be legally disabled and their dog must perform a task for them. The handler has public access rights with a Service Dog and they are protected under Federal ADA Law, and are allowed access to public property with their Service Dog.
Emotional Support Dogs: A person must have a note from a licensed mental health professional in order to legally have an ESA dog. These dogs provide an increased comfort level for their owner, particularly in social situations. These dogs do not have ADA public access rights but they are allowed to fly with their owners and qualify for no-pet housing.
Therapy Dogs: A trained dog that meets the needs of others such as; visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc while doing pet therapy work. The handlers do not have ADA public access rights with Therapy Dogs and must have permission from an establishment to enter.




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Service Dog Working in Vest

Working Service Dog Vest

Service and Therapy Dog Vest

Service and Therapy Dog Vest

Service and Therapy Dog Vest

13 color splotch


Size Chart

  S M L XL
Girth 21-24 25-31 32-39 36-45




(4.9 / 5) 24 Reviews
9 out of 9 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.

June 26th, 2018
Amazing Quality Vest!!
This vest is the best quality vest that I own for my service dog and I will be ordering from here again!
My service dog has always been gear shy but he warmed up to this vest much faster than any vest that I have gotten him before.
Overall I love this vest and will be getting another one for when my pup older. Totally recommend this!!

Yes, I would recommend this product.

March 4th, 2018
Best Vest
Hans my low retrieval, mobility, stability and counter balance service Dog has three of these. Purple, Camo and Red.
Best products from you guys!!!!
The handle is great for when he pulls me up from sitting position.
We just love it
I use the if window for my med list and his id in front of that

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Ontario, Canada
January 17th, 2018
Honestly an amazing vest!
So I bought this vest after reading all the reviews for my service dog Frodo. It arrived exactly a week after ordering and considering it was an international order that's amazing considering the weather up here! It fits perfectly and since I was a little worried about the sizing I even snagged the girth extender too. The material looks like it'd be durable for all weather and I love how readable the patches are and they aren't as tiny as I expected them to be. I would definitely recommend this vest and will likely be purchasing another!

Yes, I would recommend this product.
Mike on January 21st, 2018
What size did you order for your beagle? They look to run large. If that is a small, I will probably order small and get an extender. Thanks.

on January 23rd, 2018
When you ordered you rvest did you have to add on the card window panel? Or did it just come as is with one?

Manufacturer Response on January 24th, 2018
Thank you for your comment, This vest does come standard with the ID Window.


Alexandria VA
March 16th, 2017
I bought two of these vests for my service dog and they are amazing. I bough the 32 size in orange and teal. It fits great and I also bought the attachable bag for my medication to go inside. People stayed away because of the "working dog do not pet" patches and also did not question if he was a service dog. I am so so so happy I found this company!

Yes, I would recommend this product.
lindy tomanovich on June 14th, 2017
just ordered 2 of these for my 2 german shepherds, just realized there is no padding in the front just a strap across their chest, is it still good control over the dog and are they comfortable without the padding across the chest?


Lake Junaluska, NC
March 31st, 2016
Thank you for the Fantastic Vest
Thank you for the Fantastic Vest

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Sydney, Australia
November 19th, 2015
Absolutely sensational!!!!
Dear Amy,
Wonderful product arrived in Sydney exactly one week after purchasing on line. Absolutely sensational!!!!
I look forward to purchasing more of your wonderful products.
Kind regards
Phil Hazell
Sydney, Australia

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Toronto, ON
November 16th, 2015
Great vest, worth the upgrade.
I purchased this vest for my dog a few weeks ago, the second I took it out of the box I was surprised how sturdy it felt in my hand. Once it breaks in it is a great vest, my dog doesn't seem to notice it. The velcro on the pouch is a nice touch.

Arrived in Toronto, ON in 3 days in a sturdy cardboard box. If you are looking at the $50 vests, spend the extra $20 and get this one, you won't replace it any time soon.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Vallecito Lake, CO
May 9th, 2015
High End Vest
A few weeks ago, I ordered this vest for one of the service dogs that is getting close to certification as a hearing dog. I was considering altering the vest for a more unique-to-our-program look, so I took it to a saddle maker for pricing and he told me that the workmanship of this item is extremely well made with so many different features that he would charge extra for. He stated that with the strong materials used and the excellent stitching, this was an extremely durable vest and would last for a very long time. He also stated that he could never match the price with all of the materials they used and that I'd have to purchase materials separately if I wanted him to alter the vest to look more unique to our program. I was so pleased with his assessment of the vest that I wanted to place a review. To be sure, it is a perfect vest for service work. It is padded and the material used is coated with non-breathable material, so it could get hot for dogs in hotter climates, but that is the only thing to consider. A super great value for such a durable item. Great job!

Yes, I would recommend this product.

May 5th, 2015
I love this vest!
This vest fits true to size and looks great on my sheltie mix. Very durable and can withstand the punishment of my active service dog. I got it in the navy, and it looks very attractive but also functional.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Seattle, WA US
July 24th, 2014
High Quality Product
My wife and I spent a few months looking at the S&R Style Vest for my service animal. Although we kept saying we'd budget for it, we put it off again and again, using a flimsy velcro cape instead. A couple weeks ago we noticed that the vest was on sale and decided we simply couldn't put it off any longer. After some consideration, we opted for the two optional "Working Dog - Do Not Pet" patches, in addition to the two included "Service Dog" ones. I ordered the vest after close of business on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to receive a notification from UPS that it had shipped on Monday morning. That was quick! When the vest arrived on Friday, I called Scrappy over and held it above his head. Like a pro, he slipped through the hole and waited patiently while I attached the girth strap. I particularly love the extra large, highly durable buckle to fasten the strap. Fit had been a concern for us, given that his girth is 25", just above small and on the lowest measurement of the medium vest we'd ordered. Amazingly neither strap needed any adjustment. It fit him perfectly right out of the box! He seems very comfortable in the vest and his movement is not hindered in any way whatsoever. Control is very easy with the D-ring and the handle both attached to the girth strap. Bottom line, this is a high quality, extremely durable product which will service us (and you!) quite well for many years to come.


April 17th, 2014
If you have any doubts regarding ordering from this company, put them at rest. I have order twice and have been very satisfied each time. The last time, I ordered the wrong size (even though I did measure the dog) found the vest too small and called to find out how to return. EASY-sent back the too small vest, let me know by email that they had received and put a larges vest into the mail, I think the same day. Their vests are QUALITY. All of the patches are in the right places and nicely done. Very happy with


Durham, NH US
September 19th, 2013
Excellent Vest
Judah my Autism Service Dog, owns one of these and it's a great product. I love having the clear pocket on the side perfect for some items! I use this vest for the winter months primarily. Judah is a Keeshond, has a big fur coat so he only wears this from December to March give or take a few weeks.


Reno, Ne US
March 28th, 2013
Awesome product!
This vest is amazing. I have it for my lab mix service dog and i love everything about it. My dog also took to this vest right away. The handle on top is super sturdy and its very useful for helping me balance. the vest itsef also can fit most of the accessories on the website. Its overall a very well built harness and I would recommend it any service dog team.


Colorado Springs, Co US
March 19th, 2013
S&R Style Vest
Wonderful product! Fits my Golden well and I use it for balance as well as service work. I even hooked the kid's sleds to him and had a ball!! The customer service was above reproach and I was walked through the ordering process with very personal service and the young lady had such a pleasent attitude....rare these days to find such service. I will do all of my purchasing with Active Dogs and recommend them to everyone.Thank you so much.


Mt. Pleasant , Io US
November 8th, 2012
Service Dog Vest
Just a short note to say thank you for your personal help with ordering my Service Dogs vest. I could not be more pleased with the help you gave me or the speedy delivery time. As for the vest, the meteral is top of the line. And could not have had a better fitting vest. This is the second vest that I have got for my service dog. My first service dog vest from you. I will go to no one else when ordering for my service dog. I am that pleased with it. I would have given it ten stars.


Quesnel, BC CA
September 10th, 2012
Great Product & Great Service!
Detour is an Autism Service Dog and we are just loving his new S&R style vest... the shipping was fast and the customer support was excellent! Thank you ActiveDogs!


Honolulu, Ha US
May 1st, 2012
Perfect fit
I am very pleased with this vest for my service dog who is a medium-sized, but very narrow around the girth, mixed lab. Not all vests come in small sizes. This one fits perfectly. The quality and design of the vest are excellent. I use the reflective snap-on bridge handle for extra handle height. The distance of the two O-rings fits the snaps. I actually had to return a different vest which was too large and requested this replacement. The staff I spoke with and the USPS priority mail turn around time was super.


Seattle, wa US
April 4th, 2011
Love this one!
I have used several different harnesses with my mobility / balance service dog, but this one is the best. Not only do I feel more secure, but my dog doesn't mind having this put on him like he does with the more restrictive leather, or binding harnesses we've tried in the past. I have recommended this to other recipients and will continue to do so!


Juneau, Al US
January 24th, 2011
Great Vest/Harness
Very hardy and durable, exactly as described and I also belive this vest makes a better harness than actual harnesses I have used. Features that I like are the sturdy handle at the top of the vest, three o-rings (one on each side, one on top) so that I may choose where I want to clip a leash for training. There is also a heavy duty plastic clip on top behind the handle.


Indianapolis, IN US
June 16th, 2010
Absolutely Right
This is the first vest I have gotten for my Australian Kelpie service dog, Dingo. He took to it right away, no problems whatsoever. The shipping was faster than expected. Customer service is top notch, and the fit and finish of everything is perfect. I also appreciate it being made in the US. I could not ask for anything more.


Mesa, Ar US
June 8th, 2010
I LOVE this vest!
This is a wonderful vest! The shipping was so fast and the customer service so wonderful to start with. When I got the vest (earlier than expected) I was so excited that I had to put it on my dog right away. It looked so amazing so I made sure to take him out immediately to show off. I absolutely LOVE this vest! Very sturdy and well put together. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I am so happy with this company and the vest!


Carrollton, Te US
May 28th, 2010
Sturdy and well made
I have three different harnesses for my service dog, but this vest works better than any of them. It doesn't restrict my dog's movement in any direction, and this is the first time that I put a new piece of equipment on my dog and he adapted to it immediately. The three different D-rings allow for proper positioning of both a lead and an optional handle (I recommend the Neophreme). Plus it's extremely well made and should last a long time. And the turnaround speed - even though two patches were sewn on, the vest arrived within three days. Fantastic!


San DiegoUS
January 21st, 2010
Service Dog Vest
This vest has been a life saver for me and my Aussie, Patch. We have been traveling all over the USA, and thanks to Patch and this vest, we are able to move along just fine. The little handle on the top of the vest has been a huge help... I can hold on as he helps me on escalators and places where I need extra balance. I also love the little light on the vest, it was great in the evenings! I recommend this durable, well made vest to anyone with a Service/Therapy dog...


syracuse, in US
October 15th, 2009
service vest
I just got this in the mail monday and i love this. now when i take my service dog out (he s a newfie) people do dont come up to pet him. This was my problem before, I just had there serice harness, and ever one alwas come up to pet him. Now they donot. Thanks for this.


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