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ActiveDogs Dog Muscle Building Ball

Muscle Building & Exercise Dog Ball w/ Rope

Part # 507050

(5 out of 5) from 1 Review
Price: $39.95



The Dog Muscle Building Ball is a great neck and jaw builder for your dog! This ball rolls around making it exciting for your dog to paw at, chase, and carry around! The carrying handle is made with a thick nylon rope double knotted for easy grab & durability. The Muscle Building & Exercise Dog Ball creates hours of fun play for your dog while exercising, burning energy and building muscle. These balls are indestructible and a perfect toy for your power dog! 

* Patterns & colors of ball vary

*Weight varies: 6-12 pounds

*Indestructible muscle building & exercise ball

(5 out of 5) from 1 Review

March 28th, 2013
Muscle Building Ball
My Girl Snookie (American Bully) loves this ball and takes it out for walks when we go...... Its an 8lb ball and see carries it around the house, i just have to have her be careful near the walls and furniture..... Overall if my dog is happy with it, im happy thanks..... Hopefully maybe next time i can choose a 12 pounder instead on my next order.....


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