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Leather Police/Schutzhund Working Dog Training Leash Leather Police/Schutzhund Working Dog Training Leash Brass Bolt Snap For Leather Police/Schutzhund Leash Leather Police/Schutzhund Working Dog Training Leash Brass Bolt Snap For Leather Police/Schutzhund Leash

Hands Free Leather Dog Leash 6'

Part # 407501

(3 out of 5) from 3 Reviews
Price: $32.99


This style of working dog lead is often used in police, Schutzhund, and service dog work. This lead is made with 3/4" quality latigo leather and is stitched twice for extra durability. Brass hardware is used on this lead.

There is a solid brass bolt snap on both ends that can  be attached to any of the three rings to make the lead different lengths. You can put the lead over your shoulder to begin working the dog off lead but still have the dog close for a quick correction. The rings are large enough to slip the bolt snap through for doubling the lead.

3/4” X 6' and adjusts to several lengths

Color: Black

Hardware: Brass

(3 out of 5) from 3 Reviews

Bothell, WA US
February 3rd, 2011
Superb Customer Service!
I left feedback recently expressing my disappointment with a problem that I had with this lead after just 4 months of use. Because I've been very pleased with all of the other products I've ordered from Activedogs I decided to order a heavier lead from them to replace the one that broke. When I received my new heavier lead I found that Activedogs also included a brand new replacement lead at no cost. Included with the shipment was a hand-written note from the employee that makes their leads apologizing for letting a defective piece of leather slip through their quality assurance process. Now, THAT'S customer service. I'll return to Activedogs for all of my future needs and will refer my friends as well. Thank you Activedogs!

Ivan on July 7th, 2015
Good job on the company's part. That in itself just made me a customer...


October 21st, 2010
Just received the lead. Ordered it for a Service Dog lead. Appears to be good quality leather, however wish the hardware was a little smaller. I am a female and so is my dog. Snaps are heavy and so are rings. I have RA so not sure how the weight will work for me. Feel it is designed for a robust man and large breed dog. I am anxious to put it to work tho. hopefully it will work out.


Bothell, WA US
January 26th, 2011
Received the lead a little over 3 months ago and have used it every week while training our GSD. Very pleased with the design, however, a 4 to 5-inch section of the leather at one end of the lead started to crack after just a few weeks of use. Last week my dog tugged hard on the lead and the cracked area completely failed so the lead is now several inches shorter and has no hook at one end. The rest of the lead still looks good so I suspect it was just a defective piece of leather that somehow made it through the QA process. However, I'm out $33.00 and will have to purchase another lead.


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