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Bottcher Harness Bottcher Harness Bottcher Harness

Bottcher Harness

Part # 206325

Price: $28.99


The Bottcher Harness is made of black, latigo leather. Both sections of this harness are adjustable. There is an O-ring, in the back section, for attaching a tracking line. One end of the harness straps around the dog's flank and the other runs under the dog's belly to its neck.

If you have a dog that does not keep its head down during scent tracking, this harness can help correct the problem. Attach your tracking line to the O-ring in the back section of the harness. When the dog raises its head, you can tug on the bottom lead to pull its nose back down to the ground.


Color: Black

Can be Used with our Tracking Harness


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Bottcher Harness
Price: $28.99