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Bringsel Stick for Search and Rescue Training for dogs Bringsel Stick for Search and Rescue Training

Bringsel Stick

Part # 755475

Price: $9.99


The bringsel is used in S&R training as an indicator of the found tracked object/person. The bringsel snaps on the dog’s collar and when the dog has located the missing object or person the dog grabs the bringsel into its mouth and returns to the handler. The handler now knows that the dog has located the missing person and takes the bringsel from the dog and has the dog lead him back to the missing object/person. Many train the dog with two different bringsels so this is the reason for the two color choices. This bringsel is made of a hard interior that is rubber lined then covered with leather. It can not damage the dog’s teeth. One end of the Bringsel has a lightweight swivel snap to attach it to the dog’s collar. The snap is a swivel snap which works well so the bringsel does not get twisted and also can comfortably turn and be held by the dog’s mouth.


Leather, 2 Color Choices


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Bringsel Stick
Price: $9.99