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Small Dog Carrier with ID

Part # 3533465TSD-P

Price: $34.99

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Our Small Dog Carrier w/ID provides a convenient way to transport your small working dog. In the heat of the summer when black top or pavement is dangerously hot or in the cold winter season, it is easier and safer to carry your small working dog. With the small dog carrier, you can have your hands free while shopping or traveling.

The carrier is lined, made of padded microfiber and comes with a 4" x 5" laminated ID to help identify your working dog. The interior of the bag has a Hook and Loop attached, removable floor. This is a nice feature should your little dog have an “accident”. The carrier comes with a soft, padded, removable blanket cover which can be placed around your dog. Each end has a U-shaped opening for your dog to stick its neck through.

There is an attached snap hook which can be attached to your dog's collar. The bag has a top zipper and double handles that adjust to form a shoulder strap. There are two exterior pockets (one is clear and the other is a solid color).

Choose from Service Dog ID, Therapy Dog ID, or none. You can place your own information or photo in the clear vinyl pocket should you not choose an ID.


Bag size is 14”X 10” X 6” and holds up to 12 pounds suggested weight

Comes with laminated ID

This item is not returnable


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Small Dog Carrier with ID
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