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Embroidered Patch Dog Collar

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(4.6 out of 5) from 7 Reviews
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Our Patch dog Collar is made with two layers of 2” heavyweight polypropylene webbing. It is lined with fleece on the inside to provide the dog comfort and less neck strain. They are individually sized to properly fit your dog.

This dog collar has all metal hardware. The black, contoured side release metal buckle is sized smaller than the 2” collar. There is a welded, black metal D-ring attached to the top of the collar for easy leash attachment.

Lined for comfort

Comes with two patches—there are 12 patches to choose from

The collar comes with 2 embroidered patches. They are embroidered in a two-tone style using strong polyester thread for long lasting quality. All the patches come with Hook and Loop attachments so you can interchange them. Custom patches of the same size and style are available if you want your dog’s name or department on the collar.

If purchasing law enforcement patches, please put your departments phone number and your badge number in the comment box so your information can be verified.

This is a non-adjustable collar.


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(4.6 out of 5) from 7 Reviews
0 out of 1 (0%) reviewers recommend this product.

January 2nd, 2015
Great Collar
I purchased this same collar about 2 1/2yrs ago. Just wanted to say it's a very durable collar! My Doberman service dog has worn it with pride. She's gained a few pounds so it's time for a new collar since they don't adjust. Thank you for offering a sharp looking product. Ron and my Dobie Willow.


Wheeling, IL US
January 10th, 2012
Great collar
Cody, a working Therapy Dog with RAAT in Chicago, gets a lot of compliments on his new collar. Looks great, feels great. Very sharp!


Bloomsbury, Ne US
December 29th, 2011
Best collar yet
These collars are incredible, soft and comfortable on the inside, I no longer see our dog scratching at her collar. Very strong and durable as well. I was tired of paying $25 every four months for collars that just don't hold up to washing and everyday wear including an active dog that enjoys jumping into water every chance she gets. This could be the last collar I need to buy!!! Everything sold by ACTIVEDOGS has been the BEST of quality, I won't shop anywhere else!


laurel springs, nc US
October 26th, 2011
A great product and a great value ! Quality at it's best. Fast and accurate service.


October 29th, 2008
Excellent and helpful collar
I bought one of these very comfortable and good looking collars for my first service dog. This is a great addition to a service vest as sometimes it is too hot for any vest. The collar keeps people from distratcing my dog from working--sometimes they notice what it says (I got one patch that says " Do Not pet" and one that says "Service dog") before they even notice his vest! Excellent--am buying another right now for my second dog!


Surprise, AZ US
June 9th, 2011
I have had this collar for a few years now, and it has held up beautifully (even w/ frequent washing)! While we had initially used the 'traditional' Service Dog cape/ vest, it seemed that the straps & buckles started irritating already sensitive skin (near his 'arm pits') over time & with frequent use. That is, not to mention trying to get the right fit with the exceptionally narrow chest/ rib cage of a Std Poodle. Trying to find an alternative solution, a bandana doesn't exactly do the trick on its own or look quite as 'professional', nor are they as effective for that immediate identification . . . then I came across this website & was thrilled to see this collar! This is a very substantially sized collar at 2", with heavy duty velcro patches that have very large, bold lettering - making it so much easier for identification when out in public. The collar itself seems to be more comfortable for him as well, with the nice thick fleece padding inside. While the black metal buckle is a 'snap' for me to do/ undo (even when my hands have trouble manipulating things), it is obviously much stronger/ secure/ reliable than the standard plastic versions commonly used. While I would love to give this heavy duty, durable collar 5 stars - I would like to see just one minor alteration/ addition made to its overall design . . . Would really like to see something like a padded fleece 'flap' on the inside that could be lined/ lay against the metal buckle. Maybe even an attached fleece 'sleeve' that could be pushed back when clipping it together & then pulled back over the buckle - just for added protection/ comfort of my dogs throat. Other than that, I can't see myself ever buying/ using anything else. I HIGHLY recommend this collar!


Vulcan, MI
May 29th, 2019
Love the concept but falling apart
I love the concept of this collar, but the velcro is falling apart. It's losing strings daily. So I'm not sure if it will last a full six months much less than a year.

No, I would NOT recommend this product.

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