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Double Handle 3.5x14 FireHose Tug FireHose Tug 3.5x14 FireHose Tug 3.5x14

Double Handle 2.5x14 FireHose Tug

Part # 007006

Price: $16.99


2 Handled FireHose Tug. It is very strong and tuff as it is made from firehose material. It measures 2 1/2"X14" and overall length with the handles is 26". The handles are Red in color and made from heavy nylon strapping that is super strong. These handles are tight and enough loop to fit even a large hand. This tug is for that aggressive dog that wants a tuff bite. The tug is narrow enough that the dog will grab this tug fully into the back of its jaw. This toy should not be used as a chew toy.



2 Handled FireHose Tug

Color of tug handle will vary


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