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2x10 Leather Flat Rolled 2 Handle Tug

2x10 Leather Flat Rolled 2 Handle Tug

Part # 008200L

Price: $12.99


Our leather tugs are made from buttery soft shamee leather. The handles are heavy nylon and all tugs are triple stitched not glued. Puppies love to learn to bite on a leather tug as it is soft on the mouth and they feel confident to grab into it. This item is 2" x 10" in body and overall 20" length with handles. It is a soft solid rolled tug. The handle is stitched all the way through the length of the tug. All layers of the leather are stitched together making this a very durable working tug and a nice size to handle.



Tuff Little Working Tug

Color of tug handle will vary


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