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Herm Sprenger 3.25mm Chrome Prong Collar Quick Release *closeout* ( 1 Left)

Part # 45-6425H

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This Herm Sprenger 3.25 Chrome Prong Training Collar with Quick Release fits dogs with a neck size of 17"-19".  This collar can easily be made to fit a smaller or larger neck size by adding or subtracting links.  My personal experience is that Herm Sprenger prong collars are very easy to slide the links off and on of. I notice that the ends of the prongs are nicely rounded and not sharp. This collar is a steel collar that is chrome plated. There is no flaking or rusting.  Herm Sprenger is a German Manufacture that makes the finest chain dog collars on the market. Prong collars are for training and should not be left on the dog when not being trained. If fit properly and used properly these collars do not harm the dog. To put a prong collar on properly, it should be placed up on the top end of a dog's neck just behind the ears. It should fit snuggly so it does not slip down to the base of the dog's neck.


Herm Sprenger Chrome 3.25 Quick Release

Fits Neck Size 17"-19"


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