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Scratch Jacket Embroidered Ballistic Back Embroidery Of Ballistic Scratch Jacket Activedogs Embroidery Graphic On Scratch Jacket

Scratch Jacket Embroidered Ballistic

Part # 8009615J

Price: $119.99


Optional Add-On Products

Price: $169.99


Our Scratch Jacket's exterior is made with puncture resistant, ballistic fabric. The entire jacket and sleeve are fully padded and lined. The lining is a sports "wicking fabric" which pulls the heat and moisture away from the body. We have professionally hand quilted this jacket and reinforced all the seams.
*Jacket comes with only 1 sleeve so that you can wear a bite sleeve on the opposite arm*

Puncture resistant fabric

Jacket provides protection without compromising trainer mobility

Jacket has zipper and Hook and Loop closures


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