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Brush Boot Topper Brush Boot Topper Brush Boot Topper Brush Boot Topper Brush Boot Topper Brush Boot Topper for Schutzhund Hurdle

Brush Boot Topper

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The Brush Boot Topper address hurdle/jump problems since the new Schutzhund rule changes have been in place. In 2004 the Schutzhund Trial rules changed on several items one of them being the hurdle/Jump. What changed on the jump was the structure top portion of the hurdle. Previously it included 4 to 6 inches of brush, this was eliminated and a solid hurdle top was in place of the brush top. The problems we have heard from this change is that dogs especially new dogs are using the solid top of the hurdle like a spring board and pushing off the top of the hurdle with their back feet. We have developed this product to help correct that problem.

The Brush Boot Topper was designed to be used in practice not trial. By adding this Brush Boot Topper to the hurdle in practice, the dog will not have a solid foot hold to step down onto. Another benefit to the topper is that it will cause the dog to jump a little higher to clear the brush.

Constructed out of the same exterior fabric that our hurdle is constructed of, the top foliage is soft and will not hurt the dogs underbelly. The foliage is bendable so you can arrange it how you would like and if it gets smashed down just bend it back in position. Slip the Brush Boot Topper easily over the hurdle. The weighted hem in it and two buckling adjustable securing straps hold it securely in place. The Brush Boot Topper will not fall off or be pushed off the hurdle. When not in use roll up for easy storage. Because the side poles slip through the Brush Boot Topper the topper can be used when the jump is at any height you set and use.



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Brush Boot Topper
Price: $125.95