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Portable Food & Water Dog Bowl Set

Part # 601114

Price: $16.99


Our Portable Food & Water Dog Bowl Set are easy to use and convenient to have on hand when traveling or even for day trips. These pvc backed bowls are built with extra tough durable material that are also leak proof. The portable food & water bowls easily store in one another with hook and loop fastening so you don't misplace one. The food dish has a drawstring netted top so food will not spill out while traveling, the water dish has an open top making it easy for the dog to drink out of. These dishes are just the right size for travel and when you are done they can be tossed in the washing machine to clean or can be wiped out with a damp rag. The food dish holds approx 8 cups of food. The water dish hold approx 40oz of water.

* Stores flat
* Portable & easy to carry
* Drawstring top to keep food secure
* Holds 40 oz of water
* Holds 8 cups of dog food


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