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Neoprene Looped Dog Vest Handle Neoprene Looped Handle for Service Dogs

Neoprene Looped Handle

Part # 7075546L

Price: $21.99


The Neoprene Looped Handle w/Swivel Bolt Snap: The inside of this handle is 1/2” air hose inserted into 1” nylon tubular webbing. The outer layer is made of nylon backed (on both sides) neoprene foam. The handle is flexible and has a single swivel bolt snap that attaches to a dog's vest/harness.

The neoprene looped handle is designed to provide comfort, texture, and a soft, spongy feel for an autistic child/adult who is working with a service dog. Disabled handlers, who have mobility problems with their hands, will benefit from the softer feel of this wider handle.

The handle works with our Padded Harness, Patrol, Mesh Bag, Day Trip, and Working Dog vests as well as our Mobility and Guide Dog Harnesses.


This handle provides a comfortable grip for anyone learning to train a working dog.

Swivel Bolt Snap

The handle is approximately a 14” loop


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Neoprene Looped Handle
Price: $21.99