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Josie, a rescue, and my loving service dog, have published their book, “Josie’s Story from rescue to service dog with advice for all who
love dogs
Sumo is a 3 year old Akita. SUMO came to me a a puppy and after 2 years became my SERVICE DOG and best friend.
Samantha was one of the 'original' Models for 'Activedogs' She was a great therapy dog and assistance dog. She lived to 14.
cute pup love at first sight
Ziggy is my seizure detection service dog. Yes, he is a chow. He started licking on me when he was about 6 months prior to have a mild seizure.
K9 AkioYodasan
AkioYodasan, my current search dog, is just in the beginning of his career. He wears his Active Dog vest every day in service to the State of NM
K9 Zatoichi
Zatoichi, my first search dog, wore his Active Dog Vest for his whole 12-year career as a wilderness search dog for Taos Search & Rescue.
Gabby is my service dog, she doesn't have a mean bone in her. 6yr old neutered female.
Activedogs vest w/4 patches, 4 ultimate boots, socks & collar.