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My dog is my service dog he’s the best friend I could ever ask for
My Assistance Dog also does Nursing Home visits, in full ActiveDog regalia, in her spare time. Bless her!
Teddy bear
A none proit organization paws4life certified service dog medical dog teddy bear in his paws4life vest
Teddy Bear
Shotgun Peadar
I am a disabled veteran and Shotgun is my service and mobility dog. He gave me my life back.
All the way from Ireland, Ki is my SD(puppy)IT and is only starting her training. shes doing very well so far and loves her harness!
Working her first Public Safety day our job is to visit special needs students at our local elementary in their local high school
Eli is currently a SDIT, and is on the road to becoming a fully-trained mobility assistance and psychiatric service dog.
My rescued girl Justice, who is now not only my best friend, but also my Certified Service Dog.
Good times or bad, happy or sad, bonds won't be broken tween a service dog and his dad.