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Certified Therapy Dog, Buffy, proudly wearing her patriotic vest to greet veterans returning from their Honor Flight trip.
Sgt BEYCO H100
USMC Patrol/ Explosive Detection Dog Iraq War Veteran 2 Tours 2005-08 8 Medals Honorably Discharged 2011 passed away 6/17/13 Semper Fi Best friend RIP
Bella loves her CaliberDog K9 Tactical MOLLE vest. Top notch quality!
Damien has been my faithful service dog for 56 years
My Service Dog Nila after a fresh grooming and displaying her new vest
My Psychiatric Service Dog, Buddy, wearing his Teal Padded Harness Vest.
Snap is a Hearing alert / PTSD dog loves to work and loves his active dog gear
I wanted to share these pictures of the patriotic vest I had purchased a little while back. It has really been an eye catcher and my fellow Veterans just love it when we do our Therapy visits at the VA Hospital. The vest is well made and the colors are rich and deep!
Ivan is a 10 yr old St. Bernard Mobility dog. The vest was his fathers. and purchased from Active Dogs 13-15 yrs ago.
Giada (Ms. G ) Welch
Giada isn't only my best friend she is my eyes!! Giada was trained at guiding eyes for the blind for further info